Open Somersby Unlock “Catch & Stick” Summer with celebrity Trang Phap

Get ready to dive into a summer bursting with refreshing, naturally sweet and tangy flavors thanks to Somersby's summer campaign “Somersby refreshing drinks, catch tasty delights”!

This summer, Somersby teams up with Trang Phap to bring you countless wonderful moments and positive experiences, grab & stick onto every scrumptious dish.

From spicy to salty, sweet to savory, no dish stands a chance of escaping Trang Phap's vibrant summer soirées. Once she catches it, it's a guaranteed hit!

Mark your calendars to witness Trang Phap's culinary escapades with Somersby this summer, coming soon!

Launching the summer campaign “Somersby refreshing drinks, catch tasty delights”, Somersby proudly partnered with the Ho Chi Minh City International Film Festival 2024 (HIFF) for a captivating presence at Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street on April 13, 2024. 60,000+ participants enjoyed complimentary Somersby cocktails and nearly 5,000 immersed themselves in our multi-sensory zone, walking away with fabulous giveaways like suitcases, caps, wallets, etc.

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