Huda accompanies 8,000 runners at the VnExpress Marathon Hue

Huda proudly stands as the Silver Sponsor of the VnExpress Marathon Hue this year, happening from April 19 to 21, 2024 – an event designed to celebrate the cultural and sporting spirit of our beloved Central Vietnam.

For three consecutive years, Huda has steadfastly supported this event, cheering on over 8,000 runners as they conquer the historic routes of Hue. It's not just about running; it's about embracing the rich heritage of Central Vietnam with every stride. And for the brand, it's not just about sponsorship—it's an avenue to deeply engage with consumers and a commitment to promoting a vibrant lifestyle while fostering meaningful life experiences.

The Huda booth attracts thousands of runners celebrating the moment of reaching the finish line, enjoying cold cans of Huda beer. As they raise their Huda beer cans in celebration, they're toasting not just to themselves, but to the collective joy of the running community, the spirit of the resilience and perseverance that guided them to the finish line.

Join us as we delve into the heartwarming moments of the VnExpress Marathon Hue. Follow along for updates and inspiring stories from Huda on Facebook page!


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