"It has been 11 years since I joined the Company, perhaps, I have devoted my youth to Carlsberg - for my favorite job and in accordance with my existing expertise - BEER PRODUCTION."

Sharing from Ms. Le Thi Nguyen Thao, working at Quality Management Department - Carlsberg Vietnam.



"With more than a decade of going through many departments, the most impressive lesson I have had, is to treat all my colleagues and work with the greatest of mind. It was when I worked with the brothers in the workshop cleaning the machines, when I saw the sweat drops of the workers picking up at the input area, when I knew that the colleagues had to ship the goods at the warehouse. until late at night in the high season, when we see the smiles of production workers excited in shift… those contributions, together for a strong Carlsberg every day.


Everyone wants to work in an environment of cohesion, solidarity and willingness to overcome all difficulties together to build a culture of friendship. And I was fortunate to find that in Carlsberg - where I have colleagues as my family.


With the right strategic directions of the leadership, to develop individual human resources as well as collective strength is a factor to create a strong Carlsberg every day. With believe in our value, we - members of Carlsberg, take pride in saying: We work for Carlsberg Vietnam.