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CIP 2021 | Logistics Intern

Carlsberg Internship Program is a paid recruitment opportunity for final year university students to gain hands-on experience, combining theory and practice. Each selected intern regardless of functions will get the chance to:

  • Follow the well-prepared functional development plan to enhance knowledge and skills through training & practices. 
  • Broaden network and receive coaching and guidance from experienced professionals of Carlsberg
  • Join a series of exclusive training sessions for the internship program. 
  • Have the opportunity to go through the selection round of Carlsberg Tomorrow Leaders Program 2022

If you are interested in this opportunity, do not hesitate to apply and fill the form now!


Vị trí/Chức danh


Logistics Intern  

Bộ phận



Nơi làm việc


Hanoi Office

Mục tiêu của vị trí

Main purpose of the position


·       Monitor order delivery to distributor & KA channel. DC to DC delivery. 

·       Monitor goods delivery on time and correctly.

·       Control safety principle of drivers and vehicles. Monitor import and export process.

·       Deliver and receive draught equipment.         


Process for loading / unloading for all material as POSM / beer / DM & et cetera

Trách nhiệm công việc

Job responsibilities


·       Monitor order & goods delivery on time and correctly.

·       Delivery procedure ( E2E & included the shortest truck, etc…)

·       Follow / checking delivery (GPS checking/ video record, etc…)

·       Control safety  principle of drivers and vehicles
 Payment procedure
 Import and export process
Log reporting daily / weekly / monthly


·       Loading / unloading / FIFO procedure
WH in / out procedure for POSM /DM / free beer/ discount

·       Invoice process

·       Draught / Cooler equipment process

·       Stock count process

·       System control process

Yêu cầu kinh nghiệm/kỹ năng

Personal qualifications/ competencies

Have knowledge of Logistics and Import & Export 

Be proficient in English



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How to apply